How To Visit Me At Facebook

I found myself writing out this list so many times I finally decided to just store it here. Here are all the details you’ll need to visit me at Facebook:

1. Go to building 20
2. The address of Building 20 is 1 Facebook Way. It’s the “new” big building across the street from the original campus.
3. Park anywhere, visitor parking or not. Whatever is easiest for you.
4. Check-into the nearest Lobby. There are 4 of them. Any will work.
5. After you check in with the receptionist I will be notified, they will tell me where you are, and then I will come and get you.

Other Info:

The receptionist will give you a badge. You must wear the badge during the duration of your visit. You will give the badge back at the end of your visit. You do not need to scan into any of the doors (badges can’t do that). I will do that for you.

Looking forward to seeing you!

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